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eyePoke Issue: Support for Flex/Flash 9 alpha

Name: Support for Flex/Flash 9 alpha
ID: 2
Project: eyePoke
Type: Enhancement
Area: Front End
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Brenton
Created: 06/23/07 4:26 PM
Updated: 07/02/07 7:47 PM
Description: To run this demo in Flex, create a class TouchMarker that extends Sprite. In its constructor, draw a circle. Then, compile Main.as.

In Flash 9, create a TouchMarker symbol in the library and export it for ActionScript. Fill it with a small shape, like a circle, that will be drawn whenever a user touches the screen, taps his stylus, or clicks.
History: Created by brenton (Brenton) : 06/23/07 4:26 PM

Comment by brenton (Brenton) : 07/02/07 7:47 PM
The new build draws it's markers in AS3, so you don't have to modify anything. Compilation:

mxmlc -default-size 640 480 -default-background-color 0xFFFFFF ./path/to/TouchEvent/Debugger.as

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